Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weekly update - 9/10

Hey guys!

My loss for the week was 2.2 lbs and one inch off my waist!

I am happy with this weeks results. No matter what, I know every week I can never say, "I need to push myself harder" or "I need to eat cleaner" etc. Because I am already pushing myself as hard as a can and staying on plan. I do try to do little things here and there still though. I park farther away from stores, stand up or squat at my desk more, try to cut back on the # of almond butter packets or avocados consumed in a week, try to get more sleep (LOL to that last one) ...ha!

This is my final week of my 60 Day Challenge through BodyFX. It is so bittersweet for me. Mid July my coworker told me about this opportunity. I immediately started with the excuses - I don't have time for that, that won't work for me, bluh bluh bluh. But here I am, almost 60 days later. When I set out of this journey never did I think I would be where I am today. Never did I think I would be able to go 60 days without cheese...without pasta...without a damn burrito!! Or never go more than one day without working out! I am sad that my nightly group workouts with my BodyFX crew are coming to an end. But I am so excited about the things I have learned, the strength and confidence I have gained, the weight and inches I have lost and the new friends I have made! I am so grateful that this opportunity came into my life, I am proud to be part of the BodyFX Family now and am excited about where my future is headed! As sad as I am that my nightly group workouts are ending, I am equally excited to be home again in the evenings. The last two months have been crazy on mine and my families schedule. I am ready to pick up my babies after work and head home to get in a good JNL workout via my DVD player! For this to be a lifestyle change it is now up to me to incorporate it into my life and make it work. I am so ready!

In other news, over the weekend I hit a huge milestone! For the first time since, oh...probably the day after I got married...I fit back into my wedding dress! What is funny is even though the scale says the same weight, my body is SO much different than it was five years ago. Part of that has to do with birthing two children, the other part of that has to do with working out. The past 5 years have be a rollercoaster for me, on my wedding day I was 175 lbs, 16 months later I was 250 lbs delivering my first child. All those years of ups and downs (mostly ups, let's be honest) I always said getting back down to my wedding weight was my "goal"...LOL at that! Even though I feel amazing with how far I have come, I am no where near done!
Real quick to wrap up my weekly update, here is a quick rundown of what is on this weeks menu! Like I said it is my last week of my 60 Day Challenge, so I am keeping it extra clean and consistent.
2 hardboiled eggs
Dandelion Root Tea with Lemon
Snack #1
Turkey "sandwiches"
Boars Head low sodium turkey deli meat in between cucumber slices
4 oz chicken breast seasoned with Lemon Pepper Mrs. Dash
one cup broccoli
two cups sautéed spinach
1/2 avocado
Snack #2
afterFX recovery shake
shakeFX meal replacement shake
**Reminder that I will be hosting my own 30 Day Challenge starting September 23rd, if you are interested or know someone who is - contact me ASAP!

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