Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekly update 10/22

Hello all! Sorry it has been two weeks since checking in. I promise, I will try not to make a habit of that! I really do like the accountability that checking in weekly does, I have just been SO busy!

My loss the last two weeks has been -3.8 lbs!

Happy with that number! Overall, I am still consistently losing...which is all that matters. I am actually surprised that (knock on wood) that I haven't hit a bad plateau yet. Over the past  two weeks we spent a day at Disneyland, went to a Jason Aldean concert, attended a birthday party  & visited our local Pumpkin Patch/Nut Farm. I was worried some of these things would set me off track...but if you stay focused, anything is possible! Disney is great and lets you bring food & water in, which made my life SO easy that day. They also had some decently healthy food choices as well.

Over this past weekend I hit two huge milestones...one a scale victory & the other a non-scale victory! I was in size 12 jeans, which were getting saggy in the butt. My boss likes to call me out when my jeans start to look too baggy (I try to wear them as long as possible...which means saggy butt for those around me - sorry!). But Old Navy was having a $19 jean sale, so I figured I could fork out the $19. Went in and grabbed some 10's. To my surprise they were too big. At first I was legit pissed...thinking I was in between sizes and that would mean 8's wouldn't fit yet and I would have to buy a pair of 10's and waste money on something that didn't fit me right. I decided to be brave and asked the fitting room attendant to grab me a pair of 8's. To my huge surprise - they FIT!! It has been FOREVER since I have wore single digits in pants. I can't honestly remember when I did. It is such a good feeling!! I have been holding off on buying a "good" pair jeans for so long now (I started at size 18 in May). But I think it is time. Going to wait another week or two and then go get me at least one pair of good quality jeans!

My scale victory was that FINALLY...after being stubborn ALL last week...the scale is in the 150's! It says 159.8 lbs to be exact! Ahh - goal seems so close now. On May 29th goal was 75 lbs away - it seemed like it was so far away, but here I am 5 months later and 15 lbs from goal! I know these last 15 are going to be stubborn, but I am going to stay strong & consistent & I know I will get there :) Secretly I would love to get there by my Holiday Work Party on Dec 13th. It is 7 1/2 weeks away, totally doable as long as I don't hit a plateau. And I figure my "REWARD" will be a super hot new dress for my Holiday Party!
It was so weird...we went to the pumpkin patch this past weekend to pick out our GIANT pumpkin for the year. We searched and searched the fields until my 4 year old found the perfect pumpkin (if there is such a thing??). My poor husband wheeled it through the field to the scale, where it weighed in at 61 lbs. As of that morning that was the exact amount of weight I have lost since starting my journey. That combined with the size 8s and the 150's actually made me tear up a little. It was so crazy seeing this giant pumpkin on this scale and seeing how hard it was for my husband to push over there.
That was me, gone. Forever. Thank God.
My food prep was super easy this week. I was SO mad at myself. I make my list/menu at work on Friday's. I left early Friday and forgot my list....so this week was kind of random, but it still got done!
Before the pumpkin patch I through some frozen chicken breast in the crockpot with a can of low sodium black beans and some salsa. Cooked on low for 8 hours. I shredded it up and then served it with some sautéed kale and either sautéed yellow squash or sautéed asparagus. My breakfast for the week was egg white muffins with avocado for 3 mornings and sprouted bread with almond butter and frozen mixed berries for two days. My snacks are hardboiled eggs, celery & almond butter and cherry tomatoes & black bean hummus. Dinners are my ShakeFX, I made some pesto Spaghetti Squash topped with chicken for two nights and did chicken sausage and bellpeppers for one night. This week I will NOT forget my list...LOL, I was pretty lost without it :(

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